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Dear respected members

Thank you for visiting the Korean College of Rheumatology (KCR) website.

Starting in May 2016, I will serve as the Chairman of the Board for the next two years. I am greatly honored to have the opportunity and I will do my best in this two-year term to improve clinical and research environments for our members.

The KCR, established in 1981, contributed to the advancement and promotion of Rheumatology in Korea. In addition to the academic and research achievements, we endeavored to improve medical policies on behalf of patients suffering from rheumatic diseases. Due to our efforts, the general public have has become more aware and familiar with the term 'rheumatology'.

The development and achievement of the KCR is accomplished by the devoted work of prior board members and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to them.

I am also grateful to all our members for their participation.

In recent years, medical environment is facing hard times and conflicts will continue to grow. However, we will be able to resolve difficulties if we cooperate.

During my term, I will mainly focus on following tasks.

First, the fundamentals of the KCR should be organized. Ongoing business and work will be maintained and we will evaluate our current status for future projects. We encourage all members to consider the questions: How should we create the best clinical environment? What policy should we advocate or propose for the next generation of rheumatology?

Second, various resources for international activities will be offered. We will assist in the process for SCI publications, host more international symposiums, and support our members to participate in international symposiums.

Third, research activities within the KCR will be expanded and various educational programs will be provided. The KCR's the most important asset is our members. All members are passionate and cooperative, thus producing vigorous culture within the organization. The KCR should be supportive and provide opportunities for our members.

As the chairman of the board, I will be considerate of each and every member and provide productive environment for our members to thrive.

Please continue to show active participation and support in the KCR. I hope for your happiness and health.

Thank you.

22 May, 20164
Chief Director of the Board, Korean College of Rheumatology
Jung-Yoon Choe